Save up to 100,000 on your bank home loan with our help

Since the launch of new consumer-friendly loans, the spreads on longer-term mortgages on loans with a minimum interest rate of at least 3 years have fallen significantly compared to last year. For an average home loan, this could save the contractor $ 500,000. The fall in interest spreads also affects the cost disadvantage of floating

Which Type Of Home Loan Is Better? Fixed or floating rate?

When deciding between different types of home loans, one very important question to consider is very important! What should be the interest rate on our loan? We need to decide what’s in our life, what’s in it? low interest and risk or higher interest and security Because they both give us something else. The interest

Comparing Bank Home Loans with Home Savings (LTP)

Today, we meet a diverse range of home loans, whether banking or banking we would like to take a home saving loan. The choice is difficult as every credit institution offers favorable constructions. One of the most important decisions in life is taking out a home loan, so it is very important to be able

Credit at the bank Prerequisite

  It is unchangeable until expiry of the above fixed interest period. Almost all further education can be attended without any special requirements, with a completed vocational training is always beneficial. Requirements for a loan application: majority; regular salary; Positive credit bureau Trust in the long-standing experience of your savings bank in the lending business.